Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Pfeiffer Farms

Reserve Grand Champion Prospect Market Goat – 2024 American Royal Spring Show
Shown by Keegan Cooley – Bred by Pfeiffer Farms

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
Revoked X Juice

In your opinion, who has been the most influential buck across the industry?
Very loaded question. There is a ton of bucks out there that could be extremely influential, but semen isn’t being sold on them. I think it’s very dependent on what you need in your herd for what can influence you the most.

What makes your operation run smoothly?
Having a dad who plans stuff for every minute of every day. Haha. But really having a plan is the most important. You can’t just wing it.

What does your breeding season look like? Do you AI or flush most of your Females?
We do our fair share of flushing and AIing depending on the time of year. We do most of our flushing from June to October and then most of our natural kids are born after April 1.

How has the new reproduction practices impacted your herd?
Splash breeding has allowed us to get more does bred to younger/better bucks while not giving the bucks an opportunity to get hurt.

What’s your dream as a producer?
We are living on the dream. Getting to do what you love is the actual dream.

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
Depends on how many goats or who you are trying to sell to.