Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Blue Team Wethers


Grand Champion Market Goat – 2023 NAILE
Shown by Dakota Martin – Bred by Pfeiffer Farms

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
Hidden Treasure X Jager

In your opinion, who has been the most influential buck across the industry?
Very hard question, there has been some huge legends in the industry, and I would say a buck that reached a lot of programs would have to be 900

What makes your operation run smoothly?
We try to make a plan for a pretty long distance out. With the cows sheep and goats, it takes a good amount of time to figure out how we will make everything work out!

What does your breeding season look like? Do you AI or flush most of your Females?
We splash breed, AI, and flush. October to December, we do all AI and flush work, but starting in January, will have natural babies as well.

How has the new reproduction practices impacted your herd?
It has been a great way to use the better, younger bucks on more does

What’s your dream as a producer?
Our biggest goal is to have repeat costumers. Repeat costumers mean dreams are coming true, and that’s a huge dream for us

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
Hard to say, both sale types are important, and we love seeing the faces and putting them to names.