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Breeder Spotlight

Blue Team Wethers


Grand Champion Market Goat – 2023 American Royal
Shown by Maci Zerbach – Bred by Blue Team

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
BTW Russian Princess x BTW Fabio

In your opinion, who has been the most influential buck across the industry?
It is hard to say what buck has been the most influential across the entire wether goat industry, but we would say in our personal breeding program, it was ‘BTW Who’s Your Daddy’. BTW Fabio and Soldier Boy were direct sons of WYD. Those 2 bucks definitely made a huge impact for us, in both females we kept in our donor program and bucks we kept as well. Those two bucks and WYD will continue to impact our program for years to come.

What makes your operation run smoothly?
An operation of our size definitely doesn’t just run itself. We currently have 3 full-time employees, Deana and myself, and when he’s home Hayden. We all play a different role at times, and then work together some days. Everyone understanding how important each and every daily task is, especially during breeding and kidding seasons is very important. We are blessed to have the best and are very thankful for them.

What does your breeding season look like? Do you AI or flush most of your Females?
Our breeding season consists of both AI’s and flushes. In 2023 we will flush 13 times, and close to 300 head of donors. We also AI every natural doe on the place. When AI season is over, we will have AI’d approximately 300 head as well.

How has the new reproduction practices impacted your herd?
We are firm believers in all of the new reproduction practices. Whether it is flushing, AI’ing, IVF, or cloning we do them all. These practices allow us to utilize both bucks and does, on a different level. With the sheer number of animals that we breed each year, our buck battery could not keep up, but AI’ing, flushing and IVF allow us to use them extensively without wearing them down. These practices also allow us to use our donor does more than one time per season, and we change their matings as well.

What’s your dream as a producer?
I don’t think we are different than any show animal producer. Our DREAM is to continue to raise champion wethers and does, and continue to help our customers win on local, state, and national levels! We firmly believe that if you are not working to better your stock and services, to make your CUSTOMERS dreams come true, then you are not working for the right reasons!

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
We absolutely love both platforms! We hold 5 live sales each season at our ranch in Zephyr, TX. We love the live sales because they allow us to have that ever important personal contact with customers. Putting faces with names is very important to us! We also understand the importance of the online platforms. We use both SC Online Sales and Both of these amazing platforms allow customers from across the state and country the opportunity to buy from us as well. We answer a multitude of calls and texts about online sale lots and enjoy that form of contact with customers as well!

Exhibitor Spotlight

Sandra Clinger

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Sandra Clinger, the exhibitor the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2023 American Royal! Learn a little more about Sandra below!

What school do you attend/grade are you in?
Freshman at Oklahoma State University

Tell us a little about your champion:
Chuck was a goat we bought from Lane and Brody Halfmann in their April online sale. We showed him at the Revival Livestock Show in Merced, California after only having him for 2 days where he won the lightweights and 3rd overall! He also had much success throughout his spring and summer shows! He was one of our many unforgettable barn favorites!

What has showing livestock taught you?
Showing livestock has taught me to always work hard, never shy away from competition, and value the relationships you have with friends and family!

What has been your biggest obstacle you have overcome while showing?
My biggest obstacle I had to overcome was teaching myself to never give up on a goal! I thank my parents and sister for always pushing me to be the best version of myself inside and outside the show ring, and for never allowing me to give up on my dreams & goals!

Whats your favorite part of a goat show?
My favorite part of a livestock show is getting ready for a grand drive! There’s always been something about the adrenaline in the tack areas and ringside that make a livestock show so fun!

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
fter winning, we like to celebrate by going home and working even harder for the next show.

Do you prefer to show wethers or does?

What’s your favorite show? and why?
My favorite show is the American Royal! Kansas City was my first major livestock show and I have made some of my best memories and met some of my best friends there!

Who has been your biggest influence?
There are so many people to thank for my success in the show ring! My family, for being my #1 supporters and always standing my side! Cooper Bounds and the Bounds Show Team for his dedication and support to my show career! My success wouldn’t have been possible without you! My best friends for giving me the BEST memories and friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

Educating Excellence

Lori Burns

Spencer Scotten

Where are you the teacher?
I am currently a school counselor at Dover Schools in northwest Oklahoma, I formerly taught agricultural education in Kingfisher, OK, for 20 years.

How many kids do you teach?
Since I am a school counselor, I am not a classroom teacher, but instead, I work with all students in grades Pre-K through 12, which is about 171 students.

Favorite thing about being a teacher?
There are so many rewarding aspects of teaching. I love being a part of students’ lives and watching them achieve something new. In today’s times, students want and need someone to look up to, encourage them, and push them to do new things or to believe in themselves. I love mentoring students when they need a listening ear or someone to lean on during hard times. Kids have a lot to deal with these days, and not everyone grows up with a support system like I had. They don’t have chores or a parent making them get out of bed to work or get to school. This saddens me, but it also makes my job as a teacher/counselor more important. It may seem like a lot of pressure to encourage students to be successful and do something positive with their lives, even if they don’t have much going for them, but I see this as a good challenge. I enjoy taking on a challenge that I know is going to benefit a student in the long run who needs someone like me to give them that extra push, hug, or encouraging word to do better and become someone great.

My absolute favorite is when a student comes back to see me after they have moved on because they appreciate the impact I have made in their lives. Even when a student says “thank you.” Or even a hug from an elementary student who may hate school but love Mrs. Burns. Those are the things that keep educators going. It is not the paycheck or the “summers off,” so they say; it’s the impact that an adult can have on a student’s life that makes educating the greatest career in the world.

Oprah may have her list of “favorite things” that will get thousands of likes, shares, and comments on Snapchat, but my mom taught me a long time ago that the best things in life aren’t “things.” It turns out she’s right!

Hardest thing you have had to accept in the last 10 years?
Over the past 10 years, teachers have had a lot of challenges. COVID was rough, and we still experience the challenges this pandemic caused. Education took a drastic turn after 2020 and will not soon recover. For many families, working together at home was a great time. I know that we had a lot of barn time together because there was nothing else to do. However, most students and schools have suffered greatly since the pandemic.

COVID is not even the most difficult thing I have experienced in the past 10 years. I believe the amount of technology our kids are exposed to is the hardest thing for me to accept and adjust to as an educator. Twenty years ago, we would ride in the ag truck all across Oklahoma, having meaningful conversations, teaching, learning, practicing reasons, memorizing speeches, and studying to get better at something. Now, I spend half of this bonding time asking kids to get off Snapchat, complaining about TikTok, and managing how much time is spent on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I use my phone a LOT! However, social media and instant messaging have taken over real social skills and learning opportunities, It is sad that a kid worries more about how many “likes”  they have or “followers” they have and not about things that affect their lives. Cell phones are great for checking the weather and Google information you need immediately. However, I wish we could all disconnect for a bit and go back to the days when we talked to our ag teacher in the truck for hours on end, learning about life and agriculture.

Well, now you have officially experienced my Soapbox!

Favorite part of your community?
I have always felt lucky to live and work in a community that values education. I have only been a part of two school systems in my 24-year career, but I have been blessed with two amazing ones. Both communities love and care about what goes on inside the walls of their school. They value their educators. Let’s face it, teachers don’t get the best paychecks. However, they reap the rewards of parents who truly appreciate the teachers who care for their children. When something is needed, they provide. When teachers want to haul students to events across the country, they support. When you help a student achieve success, they offer praise

Biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is that I have a family I come home to every day. Despite the challenges we have been through, we are all in tact. I am very proud of my three sons and what they have done throughout their lives while remaining humble, strong, and grounded. I will never let anyone believe we are the perfect family, and I have three children to attest to that, but we are still here trying to do our best, and that is something I am proud of.

Many people do not understand the toll that ag teaching can have on a family. Well, my family has two ag teachers, and we are both extremely competitive and workaholics and don’t have a quititng time at night. This means that children at home are often a second thought, and that can take a toll on a family like ours. We are so lucky to have wonderful grandparents in our family that took over our roll as parents for many years. They taught my kids many life lessons when mom and dad were busy with the FFA kids. I often regretted the time I spent away from my small kids. But i will never regret the fine young men they have each grown into today.

Favorite time of the year and why?
My favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving. The reason is that I LOVE food, and my mom is hands down the best cook in the world, We have a week off to do absolutely nothing but cook, eat, decorate for Christmas, and watch Hallmark movies! Plus, I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is the start of the season.


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