Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Pfeiffer Farms

 Grand Champion Market Goat – 2024 Oklahoma Youth Expo
Shown by Jase Sparks – Bred by Pfeiffer Farms

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
Hidden Treasure X ICE

What was this goat like as a baby?
He’s always been solid, his recip didn’t do the best job so he was definitely skinner than a few.

Who’s been the most influential buck or Doe to your herd?
I don’t know that you could pick a direct one. Just a few that come to mind are Colt, Wrangler, Grey Goose, X-Rated, Juice and HT for bucks. Then for does I would have to say 4030, E738, 931, 5146, E098, 3036, E336 just to name a few

Has there been anything about your operation that is unique that you haven’t seen in other places?
Very hard question, but it is unique to have the numbers we have. 1800 goats, 500 sheep, and 300 cows keeps the 4 of us busy every day no doubt.

Do you prefer Online or live Sales?
We like to have a good mix of both. During a live sale we think it’s important to have a company like to make it more available.

Who has influenced you the most in the industry?
Glen Martin