Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Josh Kouns

We caught up with Mr. Josh Kouns after he judged the Market Goats at the 2023 San Angelo Stock Show. Check out his thoughts below…

If you could change your champion in one place, what would it be?
Color. Not a big fan of paints. Sometimes it’s works out though….

What was the feeling you had when you found your champion?
I saw several come in that had big ring pieces but when my grand came trotting in on the move I thought here we go!

What was the toughest class of the day?
The hardest class to figure out was class 1. It had everything in it with a big weight range. The toughest class was the first class of heavies that my grand came out of.

What is one memory from the show that you will cherish for a long time?
I had a lot of good memories to take home from my day of judging but the young man that came through on a wheel chair with tracks made me smile. The amount of work that he put in to train that goat to walk next to him is simply amazing!

Favorite song?
I have never really had a favorite song. Currently around our house we are listening to a lot of cocomelon.

Who do you want to thank for getting you where you are today?
My parents didn’t grow up around the stock show deal other than the occasional county fair, but their support of me wanting to make my own path of showing and judging never fell short. I’ll be grateful of that forever.

Favorite part about being the judge?
Its always fun to just get out in the ring and be a small part of a show and watch the efforts of the exhibitors pay off.