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Caleb Boardman

Spencer Scotten

We caught up with Michigan Livestock Expo Market Goat Judge, Caleb Boardman, to ask him a few questions before he steps “INSIDE THE RING”!

What’s been your all time favorite goat you have judged?
I’ve got to see some good ones, not a particular one sticks out to me. Maybe we’ll have a new one after this show.

What’s your biggest pet peeve while judging?
Poor sportsmanship. I hate losing as much as anyone, but we are doing more than competing. We need to learn the life lessons along the way.

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
I was blessed with a great set of coaches and mentors that all shapes my views. I get to be around lots of sharp young minds in my current job that still help keep me sharp and focused on breaking livestock down.

Do you prefer to evaluate when goats are in motion or stuck on profile?
I like to judge all livestock in motion. Great ones look good all the time.

Tell us about your family!
My wife Kylie is a mental health counselor, head lamber and manager of all the chaos in our lives. I have a son Cash who is 5 and twin daughters – Tatum and Tinsley – who are 3. We start kindergarten and going to start at some jackpots later this year, so big changes for the family! They are definitely the best thing I’ve ever been apart of.

In your mind, how has the industry changed in the show ring over the last 10 years?
Things have just continued to get more competitive. The quality and depth we have now is incredible compared to 10 years ago.

What’s your occupation?
I am the livestock judging coach and a lecturer in the department of Animal Science at Texas A&M.