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Josh Cody

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We caught up with American Royal Breeding Doe Judge, Josh Cody, to ask him a few questions before he steps “INSIDE THE RING”!

Who has had the biggest impact on your judging career?
Kent Benson

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

What is your dream show to judge and why?
Don’t really have a dream show. Any show I get to judge is an honor.

Do you like to fly or drive to shows – and why?
At this stage in my life, fly. I used to like to drive to them, but after 18 years on the road flying is preferred.

Tell us about your family!
Ashley Cody (Wife) is the epitome of selfless. She gives 100 percent all day, any day, regardless of the task. Brynlee (Daughter 14 almost 15) is the most organized and prepared one in the family and never misses an opportunity to help or work. Kynslee (12) is my right hand “most days”, BUT she is a work in progress, some days she slacks.  Her passion for livestock production is like mine, but she gets distracted. It’s always a constant challenge to keep her focused. I would sum it up as, it’s the most rewarding and challenging role I have ever endured. Ashley and I work hard to raise them so that they have morals, values, purpose, compassion, work ethic and keep a “Positive Mindset”.

What job do you currently have/what do your daily duties include?
I am a Strategic Growth Manager with ZOETIS. My daily responsibilities are too much to describe, but all in all it’s my contribution to the Animal Health Industry. Once my day job is done, the rest of my time is spent in the barn with my girls.

What is your biggest fear?
Maintaining Relevance. “If you are comfortable you should be nervous”, both personally and professionally.

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