Ethan Davies

We caught up with Kinley Anthony, exhibitor of the Supreme Champion Breeding Doe at the 2022 Tulsa State Fair! Learn a little more about Kinley below!

Age: 13

Hometown: Bethel Acres, OK

School: I’m an 8th grader at Bethel Middle School

Future Plans:
My plan is to attend a college where I can continue my softball career as well as focus on a future in agriculture. I want to continue to be around livestock, I want to be a vet or a nutritionist for livestock.

How many years have you been showing? Do you show any other species?
I have been showing for 4 years, occasionally I show sheep but goats are my main focus.

Other hobbies besides showing livestock?
I also have played highly competitive travel softball for the last 8 years. We have been back to back National Champions so I enjoy traveling with my softball family as well as showing.

Best stock show memory:
I actually have 2, the first memory is silly but the first jackpot I won the judge pet my goat “Nikki” on the nose and smiled before he shook my hand but the BEST memory was the Tulsa State Fair handshake.

Tell us about your recent champion:
Her name is Trixie, she was bred by BTW, from day one she has always been so friendly and easy to work with. It’s like she knew she was a show goat from the first day she walked in my barn.

What is one word that describes the feelings you had stepping foot into the Grand Drive?

Favorite Livestock Show:
Now it’s Tulsa State fair, but I also loved going to Louisville last year because of all of our friends and memories I made there.

Washing or Clipping

Halter Breaking or Training to Brace
Halter Breaking

Banners or Buckles

Cleaning Pens or Changing/Cleaning Water Buckets
Changing/Cleaning Water Buckets