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Jase Sparks

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Jase Sparks, the exhibitor the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2024 Oklahoma Youth Expo! Learn a little more about Jase below!

What’s your favorite memory with your champion?
My favorite memory with Smoke is when we got him ready and fit to perfection for the Grand Drive.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to become the person you are today?
Well there are many people in this industry that I look up too, but none compare to my dad.  He is one of my biggest supporters and has taught me everything I know.

How do you prepare your goats to build up the stamina to last in the show ring?
To help prepare my goats for the show ring I get them out everyday and work on leading and bracing for 45 minutes to an hour. The biggest thing is to be consistent at everything you do.

How many animals do you have on feed this year?
I had 5 Wether goats this year on feed.

If you could use one word to describe your champion what would it be?

Did you experience something that didn’t go as planned with your goats? How did you overcome that?
Yes!  Around the middle of December my Smoke my best Wether lost all of his leg hair.  I had to wash and condition his legs every other day to get them back to looking right.   I also had another nice wether goat that died in February.

Major Shows, State Fairs or Jackpots
Major Shows

Clipping Bodies or Clipping Legs

Steakhouse or Mexican

Jase Sparks

Ethan Davies

Learn about the young man that won Reserve Champion Market Goat at the 2022 Oklahoma Youth Expo, Jase Sparks!

Age: 14

Hometown: Hartshorne, Oklahoma

School Attending: Hartshorne Junior High

Future Plans:
I plan to attend college after high school and would like to participate in livestock judging.

How many years have you been showing? Do you show any other species?
I started showing pigs when I was 3 years old and showed my first goat when I was 6.  I have also shown sheep.

Other hobbies besides showing livestock?
I enjoying fishing/hunting and livestock judging with my dad who is my ag teacher.

Best stock show memory:
In 2021 I finally got the Limo ride at OYE and this year I was Reserve Grand Overall Market Wether Goat at OYE.

Tell us about your recent champions.
My recent win at OYE was with my goat (Terry).  He was special from the moment we got him.  He always loved showing himself off I guess you can say he knew he was good.

What is one word that describes the feelings you had stepping foot into the Grand Drive?

Favorite Livestock Show:
Oklahoma Youth Expo!

Washing or Clipping

Halter Breaking or Training to Brace
Training to Brace

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Cleaning Pens