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Addyson Schneberger

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Addyson Schneberger, the exhibitor the Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Doe at the 2023 Tulsa State Fair! Learn a little more about Addyson below!

Age: 17

Hometown: Carnegie, OK

Grade: Junior at Hydro-Eakly Public Schools

What’s your Goat name? and what made him/her so special?
She did not have a name.  My doe had a great personality and was naturally easy to show.

Throughout your show career what’s been your favorite Goat?
I have had many goats, but my favorite has to be Ted. He was the 2021 OYE Grand Champion market goat. My family also raised him which made it extra special.

What do you tell yourself right before you go into the ring?
Honestly, I am constantly worrying and hoping my goats will walk in the show ring.

What’s your dream college to attend?
I would love to attend Oklahoma State University.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the barn?
I love to sweep!

What’s your favorite show? and why?
I have experienced several majors, but OYE is still my favorite. The atmosphere and the people make the show what it is.

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
I continuously focus on the little things that make the big things easier.

Who has been your biggest influence?
My parents have been my biggest influences and supporters. My dad is always helping me at the barn and making sure the stock is looking the best it can. My mom is the one who always makes sure everything thing is pressed, packed and ready to go.

Addyson Schneberger

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Addyson Schneberger, exhibitor of the Reserve Supreme Breeding Doe at the 2022 Tulsa State Fair! Learn a little more about Addyson below!

Age: 16

Hometown:Carnegie, OK

School: Carnegie High School

Future Plans:
I would like to attend a junior college and participate on the livestock judging team and finish up at Oklahoma State University and earn a degree in Ag Communications or Ag Business.

How many years have you been showing? Do you show any other species?
I been showing for about ten years, and showed my first goat when I was about 6 years old. No, I only have goats in the barn right now.

Other hobbies besides showing livestock?
I am very involved in my FFA chapter, livestock judging, public speaking and also enjoy playing softball.  

Best stock show memory:
My favorite stockshow memory was winning the Oklahoma Youth Expo in 2021 with Ted, a wether goat that my family raised. Sharing that experience with a great team of friends and supporters will be something I remember forever. #Tedwinsfairs

Tell us about your recent champion:
82 was a doe that my family raised and from the time she was a baby she was a very special doe. We knew when she was born that she was one of the best does we have raised. She is also a full sib to Ted, our OYE wether.

What is one word that describes the feelings you had stepping foot into the Grand Drive?
Nervousness. I was very nervous to be in the grand drive but thankful for the opportunity.

Favorite Livestock Show:
The Oklahoma Youth Expo is my favorite livestock show.

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