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John Romero

Spencer Scotten

We caught up with New Mexico State Fair Market Goat Judge, John Romero, to ask him a few questions before he steps “INSIDE THE RING”!

What’s been your all time favorite goat you have judged?
That’s a tough question, I’ve had the opportunity of seeing a lot of high quality ones over the last few years, be hard to pin point one.

What’s your biggest pet peeve while judging?
Bad attitudes with young people, I’m not a fan at all.

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
Another tough one, even from early days in high school and through life this far, I’ve had the pleasure of being influenced by multiple breeders and evaluators across species. Honestly, I really struggle when there is a small ruminate show being streamed on social media because I find myself not accomplishing much because I really do enjoy listening and watching other judges sort.

Do you prefer to evaluate when goats are in motion or stuck on profile?
In motion all the way, don’t be me wrong, I like them to be wild looking when they are propped up, but a show pony will separate themselves in motion. Build quality is very important.

Tell us about your family!
My brother and I live in Oklahoma, Roberto is a Freshmen at Redlands Community College in El Reno, OK. Most of my family is back in GA where I’m originally from. My father, Jose, works in construction pouring concrete. My mother, Rosa, works at Bucee’s. My older brother, Raul, owns a roofing company. Wesly is a senior at Berry College in Rome, GA. My youngest siblings, Candy and Aaron are 8th graders at Red Bud Middle School in Calhoun, GA.

In your mind, how has the industry changed in the show ring over the last 10 years?
10 years ago I was a Junior in high school and I remember looking at stock show magazines and telling myself how good the stock that was winning shows at the highest levels, looking back now, they are not as elite as the ones that hanging banners today. Just very impressive on how we have made livestock better over time. My applauds go to the breeders and the young people getting them ready to exhibit them.

What’s your occupation?
I’m the sale barn manager at Pfeiffer Farms in Orlando, OK. They run 1500 goats, 300 cows, and 425 commercial sheep.

Spencer Scotten

We caught up with California Youth Ag Expo Goat Judge, John Romero, to ask him a few questions before he steps “INSIDE THE RING”!

Who got you involved in the industry and how?
The Hubbard Family from Ewing, Virginia are the ones that helped me find my passion/interest! My first day of High School, I was in enrolled in Ag class, been hooked ever since!

Where did you grow up? 
Born and raised in Calhoun, GA.

Did you show livestock growing up? If so, what species?
I exhibited sheep and swine. I was always fascinated by goats, but never had the opportunity to show them.

Do you have a favorite animal that you have ever judged? if so, what was it?
I had the opportunity of judging the T&D Jackpot in 2020 in Eufaula, OK. I used a blue ewe that was absolutely gnarly looking. I believe she went on and won the Commercial Ewe Show at OYE.

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Spencer Scotten

We caught up with showmanship judge John Romero before he steps “Inside the Ring” at the Mississippi Youth Expo. We invite you to read our candid interview with John below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Inside the Ring – Showmanship Edition”

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What is your background in the livestock industry?
I grew up showing pigs and sheep, also did a little bit of livestock judging. I went to Redlands Community College & Oklahoma State, I was part of of both judging teams. I now reside in Mulhall, OK and work @ Pfeiffer Farms in Orlando, OK.

What is the #1 pet peeve you have in while in the ring? 
Bad attitudes, not a fan at all

How do you feel about switching exhibitors and stock? 
It doesn’t make a difference to me.

Halter or Chain?
Chain all the way.

Favorite Steakhouse (Or Restaurant)?
Nola’s, it’s in Tulsa, very good Cajun food.

Favorite College Sports Team
The Cowboys from Oklahoma state.

What is your Dream Vacation?
I don’t know if I really have one, but I do think it would be very cool to go Fenway Park in Boston.