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Glen Alan Phillips

Spencer Scotten

We caught up with Missouri State Fair Goat Judge, Glen Alan Phillips, to ask him a few questions before he steps “INSIDE THE RING”!

Who got you involved in the industry and how?
My father was an Agriculture Science Teacher and I was with my dad all the time prior to starting kindergarten.  I remember vividly going to sales, shows, and on project checks with him.  The passion for livestock and livestock shows began at that point

Where did you grow up?
I grew up 60 miles southwest of Lubbock in Seagraves, Texas.

Did you show livestock growing up? If so, what species?
Yes, my 3 sisters and I all showed lambs and hogs.  I fed a few county level show steers, but we focused on lambs and hogs.

Do you have a favorite animal that you have ever judged? if so, what was it?
To single out one animal is challenging, there are many that hit me hard on a particular day and as types and kinds have changed over the past 30 years and livestock has improved, there are many that stand out for their particular time.

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