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Sayde McBride

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Sayde McBride, the exhibitor the Reserve Supreme Champion Wether Dam Doe at the 2024 Oklahoma Youth Expo! Learn a little more about Sayde below!

What’s your favorite memory with your champion?
Being able to see her improve as I had the opportunity to show her quite a bit at Fairs and Majors before I had begun my season in Oklahoma. I loved having her in my barn this year because she was always calm and was never giving me any issued…. besides when she would lock up randomly and refuse to walk.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to become the person you are today?
My mom, she has always been the one to keep me going. She has influenced me to achieve all my goals. Whether it involved, showing, competitive swim, or academic work, she has helped me out the most. If I am ever gone for something she would be there to help out with what needed to be done in the barn.

How do you prepare your goats to build up the stamina to last in the show ring?
Lots of practice, the more I practice every day, the longer I try to keep my goats still and steady. OYE is a big show, the classes last 40 minutes so making sure your animal will be calm for that long period of time is very important.

How many animals do you have on feed this year?
I only had 3 on feed this year. In the past I usually have 5 or more on feed including my sheep. This year I decided I wanted to focus on my does, so I did not show sheep or weather’s at OYE.

If you could use one word to describe your champion what would it be?
Perfect, we have always said my Hoyle goat was “perfect” since she was little. She was never angry, never ran away, and always took feeding well. We named her Perf.

Did you experience something that didn’t go as planned with your goats? How did you overcome that?
Yes, a couple of weeks before OYE we had a fire occur at our house. The fire went straight though our property and barn. Luckily no structures were burnt down but we had black goats all the way up until OYE. We had to wash them every other day to try and keep their hair and hides clean. Thankfully we planned whether damming my does and not showing them as hair or else we would be out of luck. It was a very scary and stressful time when my goal was to win the Whether Dam show. Seeing my animals black every day I went out to the barn after washing them 12 hours before that was crushing.

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