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Ethan Davies

We caught up with Kenna Gray of Oklahoma! She was the exhibitor of the Champion Breeding Doe at the 2019 Arizona National!

Age: 14

Hometown: Stratford, Ohlahoma (School – Latta)

How many years have you been showing? Do you show any other species?
10 years! I have tried other species, but goats have always been my favorite!

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to other showmen?
Be happy for the people who win, if you aren’t they won’t be happy for you.

When I Grow Up I Want To….:
I want a career in veterinary medicine or embryology.

My biggest stock show oops moment:
When I was 8 I got my hair caught in a roto brush, it ripped a big piece of hair out and it has yet to grow back.

One Thing You Might Not Know About Me Is:
I’ve shown every species, including chickens and rabbits!

Least Favorite Barn Chore:
Drying goats, especially babies.

Favorite Livestock Show:

Current Favortie Song:
Charelston Girl by Tyler Childers

Favorite Sports Team:
The Toon Squad from Space Jam

Barn Music – Loud As It Gets or Peace & Quiet?
Loud As It Gets!

Superstitions – Yes, of course! or Nope!
Yes, of course!

Pre-Show Jitters – Heck yes! or Calm As Can Be?
Heck Yes!

Favorite Pictures – Backdrops or Candid Ringshots?
Candid Ringshots