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Keegan Cooley

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We caught up with Keegan Cooley, the exhibitor the Reserve Grand Champion Prospect Market Goat at the 2024 American Royal Spring Show! Learn a little more about Keegan below!

What’s your favorite memory with your champion?
This was my very first goat and the Spring American Royal was my first time being in the show ring…my sister Kenna has tried to talk me into showing for a while, but I always said no. I think my favorite memory is my sister being so nervous and excited that I was showing. It was awesome  to get to know a lot of people at the show and to see all that goes on behind the scenes with clipping and fitting.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to become the person you are today?
My Mom and Dad push me to be a good person and to work hard on a daily basis. I also play travel basketball and baseball and my coaches have pushed me to work hard and improve my skills, My sister is the one who inspires me when it comes to showing goats. She has been a good sport about helping me, having a lot of patience and she pushes me to do better with him every time we are working in the barn. I hope that someday I am half the showman that she is.

How do you prepare your goats to build up the stamina to last in the show ring?
I’ve only had my goat a few weeks. So far we have just spent a lot of time in the barn getting him used to us, used to getting washed and his leg hair worked plus we go on a lot of walks. He eats a lot for a little man so for now we’re just pushing feed and water.

How many animals do you have on feed this year?
Juan is the only goat we have in the barn right now. He will probably be the only goat I have this year since it is my first year showing. Hopefully, my sister will end up with some good ones in the barn too.

If you could use one word to describe your champion what would it be?
It would have to be cute….I probably had 100 people tell me how cute he was at the show. He only weighs 43 pounds right now but likes to act like a big man.

Did you experience something that didn’t go as planned with your goats? How did you overcome that?
Since this was my first show a lot did not go as planned lol….but the end result was awesome! If I had to pick one thing, it would probably be that he didn’t walk as well as he does at home and he was probably as nervous as I was.

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