Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills
Ethan Davies

We caught up with Jack Hoyle! He recently exhibited the Champion Market Goat at the 2020 Arkansas Youth Expo!

Age: 16

Hometown: Taylor, Arkansas

How many years have you been showing? Do you show any other species?
I’ve been showing for about 13 years and I show goats, lambs, and hogs.

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to other showmen?
Don’t focus so much on winning. As cool as it is to look back on all the things you’ve won, you’ll find that the longer you show the more you look back on the friends you’ve made and times you spent together.

When I Grow Up I Want To….:
When I grow up I plan on being self employed. I already have a small business I run where I sell products me and other people I know make and plan on expanding into other businesses opportunities after attending college.

My biggest stock show oops moment:
One time at the state fair I had just finished washing and getting a lamb ready for class and as they called for my class to walk to the makeup area I realized it was the wrong sheep.

One Thing You Might Not Know About Me Is:
I really enjoy philosophy. I like to spend time exploring my own views of the world, and listening to those of people people around me. There’s nothing more interesting than sitting down with someone who sees the world differently than you do and taking the opportunity to learn from them.

Least Favorite Barn Chore:
Cleaning out stalls, without question. Shoveling out pens full of caked crap is not a very enjoyable evening.

Favorite Livestock Show:
Arizona National – Phoenix, Arizona

Current Favortie Song:
CVS by Winnetika Bowling League

Favorite Sports Team:
Texas Rangers

Barn Music – Loud As It Gets or Peace & Quiet?
Loud As It Gets!

Superstitions – Yes, of course! or Nope!

Pre-Show Jitters – Heck yes! or Calm As Can Be?
No Way, Calm As Can Be

Favorite Pictures – Backdrops or Candid Ringshots?
Candid Ringshots