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Brendan Gross

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Brendan Gross, the exhibitor the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2023 Rodeo Austin! Learn a little more about Brendan below!

Age: I am 12 years old.

Grade: I am in the 7th grade at Grandview Junior High.

Hometown: My hometown is Grandview, Texas

How long have you lived there?
I have lived in Grandview my whole life!

How many kids are in your grade?
There are about 115 kids in my grade

Most interesting thing about your town?
Our school mascot is a zebra. We are the only school in Texas with a zebra mascot.

Do you serve on any clubs/organizations? If so, what?
I am a part of our 4-H, FFA, UIL, and the Gifted and Talented programs.

Do you play sports? If so what?
I play baseball, football, and basketball.

What is the population of your hometown?
The population of my hometown is around 2,000 people.

What is one thing you wish you had there?
I really wish we had a Scheels sporting goods store.

What is your favorite thing about your hometown?
The camaraderie among everyone. Our community supports us in everything we do, from sports to showing livestock. Even though Grandview is growing, we still have a small town atmosphere.