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Audree Callens

Ethan Davies

We caught up with Audree Callens, the exhibitor the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2023 California State Fair! Learn a little more about Audree below!

Age: 14

Hometown: Brawley, CA

Grade: I will be Freshman at Brawley Union High School

What’s your Goat name? and what made him/her so special?
My goat is named Bear, its my nickname and he is also like a big teddy bear.

Throughout your show career what’s been your favorite Goat?
My favorite goat would have to be Bear because he is my first so he will definitely be hard to replace now.

What do you tell yourself right before you go into the ring?
I tell myself before I go in the ring, I  know what I am doing and I can only do  my part. The rest is in the Judges hands.  I can’t control how he think just how I perform. Oh and don’t let go of your animal.

What’s your dream college to attend?
I hope to attend OSU and continue to further my career in Agriculture.
Go Pokes!!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the barn?
I would say my favorite thing to do in the barn is sheep legs even though family would say its to clean and organize the barn.

What’s your favorite show? and why?
It’s really hard to not say one of the National Shows because I love those but it would have to be California Youth Expo because I won the Golden Bar in Sheep last year.

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
I stay focused on my goals with the help of my family and livestocks coaches.  Even though I go in the ring they are just as much a part of this.  We work together to make sure we all want the same thing and do our part so we can be successful together.

Who has been your biggest influence?
My dad, Sean, is my biggest influence  He has supported me in everything I ever want to do.  I have learned so much about my work ethic and determination from him.  I would also have to say Riley Hoyle, because she has taught me the type of person I want to be in and out of the arena.