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Spencer Scotten

Where are you the teacher?
East High in Cheyenne, WY​

How many kids do you teach?
Typically 100-120 students per year.

Favorite thing about being a teacher?
I enjoy when I get to see students make connections with what we are learning to real life and also seeing them realize how their hard work pays off.

Hardest thing you have had to accept in the last 10 years?
Change. We experienced a lot of changes after Covid and everything has changed in our world and that has been difficult, especially in education.

Favorite part of your community?
I love how our community works together, so well, and really comes out to help individuals who need it. I also like to see how well people work to help one another, even though they may be competing against them.

Biggest accomplishment?
I feel like my biggest accomplishment is becoming a successful Ag Teacher and FFA advisor, even though I was not in FFA or did not take ag classes while I was in high school.

Favorite time of the year and why?
I love the spring and summer months because that’s when we are going around shopping for new animals and then feeding animals for county and state fair. I love the summer time when I am doing SAE visits and getting to work with students with their animals at shows.