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Champion Market Goat & Breeding Doe – 2022 Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo
Shown by Khloe Nelson – Bred by Northern Exposure

Pedigree/Genetics of this Champion:
Champion wether is an ET sired by Trip Advisor and dammed by NEL 398.  398 also had a natural kid that was Champion Middleweight at MYLE this year for Anna and her wether last year was 3rd heavyweight at the Houston Livestock Show for John Michael.
Champion doe is an ET sired by Afroman and dammed by NEL 617, who is a full sister to the mom of “Chuck”.

The wether has been at the top end of all his shows so far this year.  This was the first time out for the doe, but plan on seeing her in the fall shows!!

What is your Favorite doe/donor and why?
That’s a tough one.  We just flushed the mother to our buck we call “Prime Rib”, who just gave us 29 transferable embryos out of “Pandemonium”, so she has to be right up there.  But I’m thinking it is “Jewel”, our Friday Night Fiesta purchase from Kempker Livestock last fall.  Her natural Keep The Faith March doe kid was 3rd overall breeding doe at MYLE and we have high expectations of her.  “Jewel” just gave us 16 transferable embryos to “Pandemonium”, and we plan on flushing her in October again.

Is there any other information you would like to include?
Work with a family that will help and work with you.  With us increasing numbers, we are not able to get to see all of the goats we sell throughout the country, but technology helps us to keep in contact with each customer. For the local customers, we offer showmanship clinics a few times each summer at our farm.  This allows us to help on showmanship, feeding, fitting, and any other questions they may have.

What is your favorite part about raising goats?
Our favorite part is when we get to help family’s and children be a part or the showing industry.

Treadmill vs Track:
Have never used a track, but am very intrigued by it.  We do use a treadmill on our goats when they start to get some condition on them, and it seems to have helped. We also like to put them into an exercise area for them prior to the treadmill

Chain vs Halter:
We primarily use a chain, but if needed will use a halter.