Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Blue Team Wethers

Grand Champion Market Goat – 2024 Rodeo Austin
Shown by Brisco Black – Bred by Blue Team

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
I Am Legend X 1962 (Reserve Grand Champion Doe at the 2019 Georgia Nationals)

What was this goat like as a baby?
He was extremely exotic, big boned, with lots of shag.

Who’s been the most influential buck or Doe to your herd?
We have SO many bucks and does that we truly love and appreciate their influences on our goat herd.  We try to keep multiple genetic bloodlines to create our own outcrosses within our program.
We have SO many favorites, and different reasons that we deem certain animals as influential. It is hard to pinpoint just one, but if you look at revenue: the buck who generated the most revenue, and many champions, for us last season was I Am Legend (sire to Brisco’s wether), and the 2nd highest generating doe last season was 1962 (dam to Brisco’s wether). That genetic combination was destined for something great! 

Has there been anything about your operation that is unique that you haven’t seen in other places?
There are several things about our facility that we think are pretty unique and are definitely very user friendly. Our kidding room and flush system allows us to move flush and AI groups in and out of the jugs in a timely manner, and is simple to keep clean and sanitary. Our working chute (from Australia) allows us to work large groups of does without having to handle each of them individually.

Do you prefer Online or live Sales?
We love both platforms equally. Live sales allow us to interact personally with customers, and online sales let customers from across the country who can’t be here in person the opportunity to purchase livestock as well!