Who has impacted your life the most? 
There are a number of people who have impacted my life, and I’m truly humbled in the ways they have helped me along the way. If I had to pick one person who impacted my life the most it would be my father Brock Amstutz. Whether it’s helping me in the yard with a sheep, sitting on his bucket catching me in the yard or at pitching lessons, or throwing front toss to me so I can hit. Day in and day out he’s pushing me to be the best version of myself. 

What is your favorite hobby? 
My favorite hobby besides showing sheep is playing softball. I remember the day I told my mom and dad I wanted to be a pitcher, they looked at me and said “ alright, if you want to do it we are gonna do it right.” Becoming a pitcher was the best decision of my life, Being able to control the game was something I enjoyed. Getting a win in the circle in a tight game against the best of the best, is like being in a grand drive at a major!

What is your favorite livestock show?
My favorite livestock show without a doubt is The National Western Stock Show. Not only is showing in the coliseum for the grand drive on green carpet the coolest of them all. The culture of the National Western is like no other. 

What did you accomplish as a showman? 
I’m very beyond grateful for the run I have had, and I couldn’t have done it without my family and my show family. As a showman I accomplished something much bigger than winning a sheep show. I learned that nothing is given, and you work for the success you want to have. With large amounts of failure lead to small amounts of success. I also learned within the last few months, changing the way I view the things I “have” to do. Instead of saying “ I have to go to sheep legs” to “ I get to go to sheep legs”. As a showman, it’s so very easy to get burnt out but having a positive mindset is my biggest accomplishment. 

What are your future plans? 
My future plans are to attend Butler Community college this fall major in Ag business, and be on the Livestock Judging Team. My plans after Butler are TBD, but I do have a dream and a goal to go to Texas A&M be on their Livestock judging team. I’d like to major in Animal Science, and hopefully go into the meat industry.