Champion Market Goat – 2022 Ohio State Fair
Shown by Braxton Method – Bred by Fledderjohann

Pedigree/Genetics of this Champion:
Sire: Tag Team
Flushmate to keeper buck

How did you get involved in the industry?
Along with our son we began the show goat operation when he ended his 4-h career and wanted to continue to be involved in the show goat industry.

What is one of the most memorable events from your time as a breeder?
Winning the Ohio State Fair this year has to be top on the list as one of the most memorable events as a breeder. When our son Jordan died in 2019 we wanted to win one for him. Having his nephew on the show chain made it even more special!

What do you think has pushed your program forward over the years?
As a breeder you are always looking for ways to improve. When given the opportunity to purchase half of Tag Team from Stork Livestock we felt he would help move our program forward. His offspring is winning all across the country!

What is your favorite part about raising goats? 
Our favorite part about raising goats is the people you meet in this industry. There are many that we have met in this industry that have become family to us.