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Droppert Livestock

Grand Champion Market Goat – 2023 Arizona National
Shown by Graham Newsom – Bred by Droppert Livestock

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat – 2024 National Western
Shown by Dayton Mortvedt – Bred by Droppert Livestock

Grand Champion Market Goat – 2024 Fort Worth Stock Show
Shown by Brett Bowers – Bred by Droppert Livestock

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
Arizona National – One & Only x Ellie donor (Safe Deposit x Swamp Boy)
National Western – One & Only x Went Swamp Boy donor
Fort Worth – One & Only x Ellie donor (Safe Deposit x Swamp Boy)

In your opinion, who has been the most influential buck across the industry?
No doubt there have been several but She Said and Cash In are a few in this one’s pedigree and several others that have found success. Too many to list but lots of them originate from the Texas Hill Country.

What makes your operation run smoothly?
Our family… it takes each and every one of us and we all have different skill sets that compliment each other. We’ve had excellent mentors in this goat deal… learned a lot from bumps and bruises along the way but had lots of great advice from a lot of great people.

What does your breeding season look like? Do you AI or flush most of your Females?
Pretty much all ET work here.  2-3 big flushes a year for different target age groups but rely heavily on embryo transfer.  We are probably busier during breeding season sending semen or breeding does for others than we are on our own stock. Lots of customer lap AIs, semen shipping, and internal ET work for us.

How has the new reproduction practices impacted your herd?
Allows us to run an elite pool of donors (30 hd) and shorten generation intervals quickly.  It’s also allowed us to help several others pick up steam in their operations as well.

What’s your dream as a producer?
Help others win!  Not just in the show ring but in life!

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
No preference – They are both a bunch of work!

Droppert Livestock


Reserve Market Goat – 2022 Indiana State Fair
Shown by Spencer Goettemoeller – Bred by Droppert Livestock

Pedigree/Genetics of this Champion:
One & Only x “Matilda” Went FlypShip donor (3rd overall New Year National 2020)

He is a product of the first flush out of this donor and One & Only’s first kid crop. He was sold on the Midwest Fever in Lebanon, IN

How did you get involved in the industry?
Our oldest son, Dayton, had started showing goats quite a few years ago and I swore we would never start raising goats. Never say never! Bought our first donors in 2019 and things have snowballed quickly since then!

What is one of the most memorable events from your time as a breeder?
Too many great memories with great families to pick just one.  We are in the business of making memories… savor them all!

What do you think has pushed your program forward over the years?
Without a doubt, embryo transfer and reproductive technologies. We have concentrated our program on 25 key donors and have utilized ET to make kid crops that are high and deep when it comes to quality.

What is your favorite part about raising goats? 
Watching families struggle, learn, grow, and find success. There is something special about watching a kid or family’s competency grow over the season or years.


Reserve Champion Market Goat – 2021 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show
Shown by Dayton Mortvedt – Bred by Droppert Livestock

Sire: Bounds
Dam: Went donor (Swamp Boy)

Dayton’s was also named Grand Market Goat Best of the Best Showdown.  The mother of this wether was the Grand Market Doe at South Dakota Summer Spotlight when Ryan judged.  We bought her afterwards and that was the start of goat ranching for us.  The Droppert Livestock goat herd has now grown to a donor pool of 25 does and 125 recips leveraging embryo transfer heavily multiple times a year. We will have December, January, March & April kids available private treaty off the farm, availble at live salesand at least one online sale on We are excited for the 2022 kid crop that will be sired by One & Only (Harlem Handshake x Whistle x Don’t Stop x Safeword’s mom) from Halfmann Livestock.  First flush group starts kidding right after Thanksgiving.  Stop by and check them out this winter and spring!