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True or False: OYE will have an associate judge for 2025

a) True
b) False

Past Trivia Answers

What breeder had two of the top three Market Goats at the 2024 OYE?
a) Pfeiffer
b) Went
c) Bounds
d) Halfmann
Answer: a) Pfeiffer. Congratulation to our winner, Shawn Sparks!

How many nominees were up for Man of the Year in the 2023 Of the Year Awards?
a) Four
b) Five
c) Two
d) Six
Answer: b) Five. Congratulation to our winner, Alicia Cumberland!

Besides American Royal, what State Fair did Skyler Scotten recently judge?
a) Arkansas State Fair
b) State Fair of Texas
c) Tulsa State Fair
d) Kansas State Fair
Answer: a) State Fair of Texas. Congratulation to our winner, Brayden Gast!

What judge recently judged the 2023 Kentucky State Fair and Indiana Stock Show?
a) Harlan Yocham
b) Scott Greiner
c) Ryan Mortvedt
d) Spencer Scotten
Answer: a) Ryan Mortvedt. Congratulation to our winner, Jaci Falkenstien!

What Judge is sorting the Market Wether Goats at this years CYE?
a) Lane Halfmann
b) Spencer Scotten
c) Slayton Strube
d) Brent Jennings
Answer: a) Lane Halfmann. Congratulation to our winner, Smith Hilfiker!

What state is the EYO Market Wether judge from?
a) Oklahoma
b) North Carolina
c) Texas
d) Ohio
Answer: b) North Carolina. Congratulation to our winner, Sammy Ruuz!

What is one thing that both the Grand & Reserve Grand exhibitors from the 2023 Houston Livestock Show Wish their hometown had?
a) Mall
b) Fast Food Restaurant
c) Smaller School
d) Sporting Goods Store
Answer: b) Fast Food Restaurant. Congratulation to our winner, Samuel Sturdivant!

Who raised the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2023 Revival?
a) Blue Team
b) Richardson
c) Halfmann
d) Rasmussen
Answer: d) Blue Team. Congratulation to our winner, Brittany Garcia!

How long is a normal estrous cycle for goats?
a) 17 days
b) 18 days
c) 19 days
d) 21 days
Answer: d) 21 days. Congratulation to our winner,Rachel Coriell!

In Barrett Carlisle’s recap interview from Rodeo Austin what class of the day was the toughest for him to sort?
a) Class 5
b) Class 13
c) Class 11
d) Class 9
Answer: a) Class 13. Congratulation to our winner, Grayson Downs!

Who raised three of the five market wether champions at the 2023 OYE?
a) Halfmann
b) Blue Team
c) Pfeiffer
d) Halfmann Brothers
Answer: a) Halfmann Brothers. Congratulation to our winner, Jeremy Coriell!

How many divisions will the Market Goat show have at the 2023 Oklahoma Youth Expo?
a) Five
b) Four
c) Three
d) Six
Answer: a) Five. Congratulation to our winner, Brandon Morgan!

What show will Spencer Scotten be judging coming up?
a) Houston Livestock Show
b) Rodeo Austin
c) OYE Market Goats
d) OYE Breeding Does
Answer: a) Houston Livestock Show. Congratulation to our winner, Grayson Downs!

What breeder recently won Grand and Reserve Grand Market Goat at the 2023 San Antonio Stock Show?
a) Blue Team
b) Pfeiffer
c) Mock
d) Newsom-Ripley
Answer: a) Blue Team. Congratulation to our winner, Sammy Ruiz!

Who bred two division champions at Fort Worth?
a) Pfeiffer
b) Blue Team
c) Fledderjohann
d) Miller
Answer: a) Pfeiffer. Congratulation to our winner, Dakota Martin!

Who exhibited the Grand Champion Breeding Doe at the 2022 Tulsa State Fair?
a) Kinley Anthony
b) Addyson Schnebuger
c) Baylor Pearson
d) Jack Ferrell
Answer: a) Kinley Anthony. Congratulation to our winner, Kodi McComb!

What division did the Grand Champion Market Goat come out of at the 2022 NAILE?
a) Division 4
b) Division 2
c) Division 3
d) Division 1
Answer: c) Division 3. Congratulation to our winner, Carson Wheeler!

What major show did the NAILE Market Goat Judge recently judge in another species?
a) Tulsa State Fair
b) Arkansas Youth Expo
c) Kansas State Fair
d) American Royal
Answer: d) American Royal. Congratulation to our winner, Chase McCormick!

Who exhibited both the Grand Champion Wether and Breeding Doe at AYE this year?
a) Zachary Nolan
b) Justin Satterfield
c) Maggie McDonald
d) Tatum Carter
Answer: c) Maggie McDonald. Congratulation to our winner, Kendra Fledderjohann!

Who recently was selected to judge the California Youth Expo Market Goats?
a) John Romero
b) Spencer Scotten
c) Austin Nauman
d) Cody Sloan
Answer: a) John Romero

 What breeder bred both the Grand Champion Breeding Doe and the Grand Champion Goat in the Champions Tribute Show at OYE?
a) Blue Team
b) Hummel
c) Pfeiffer
d) Stork
Answer: c) Pfeiffer. Congratulation to our winner, Kaitlyn Bean!

True/False – Are Ionophores used as feed additives to control coccidiosis in goats?
Answer: True. Congratulation to our winner, Luis Magdaleno!

The Reserve Grand Market Goat at the 2022 National Western was a flush-mate to what buck?
a) Finders Keepers
b) Pandemonium
c) Milo
d) Captain Morgan
Answer: b) Pandemonium . Congratulation to our winner, Madalyn Crouch!

What state is the Midwest Fever Sale located in? 
a) Ohio
b) Illinois
c) Indiana
d) Iowa
Answer: c) Indiana. Congratulations to our winner, Kaitlyn Bean!

 Who bred the Grand Champion Market Goat at the Fort Worth Stock Show?
a) Bounds
b) Pfeiffer
c) Morgan
d) Halfmann
Answer: B) Pfeiffer – Congratulations to our winner, Luis Magdaleno!

What showman took home Reserve Champion at both Phoenix and Denver?
a) Sayde Allen
b) Riley Hoyle
c) Jack Hoyle
d) Paige Pence
Answer: C) Jack Hoyle – Congratulations to our winner, Emma Mathews!

 Who will be judging the 2021 Arizona National Market Goat Show?
a) Payton Dahmer
b) Scott Greiner
c) Mike Harbour
d) Brent Jennings
Answer: b) Scott Greiner. Congratulations to our final winner from 2021, Esmeralda Franklin!

Which of the following showmen exhibited a top 5 wether dam AND top 5 market goat at the 2021 NAILE?\
a) Cara Cummins
b) Paige Pence
c) Hayzen Halfmann
d) Sandra Clinger
Answer: b) Paige Pence – Congratulations to our winner, Mackenzie McWhirt!

Who will be judging the 2021 NAILE Market Goat Show?
a) Scott Greiner
b) Brandon Morgan
c) Mike Harbour
d) Lane Halfmann
Answer: d) Lane Halfmann. Congratulations to Ryan Frantz!

Who has exhibited Grand Champion Market Goat at the American Royal four different times?
a) Ava Shroyer
b) Hayden Schroeder
c) Kenna Gay
d) Paige Pence
Answer: b) Hayden Schroeder. Congratulations to our winner, Rylie Doran!

Who bred the Champion Market Goat at the 2021 Aksarben Stock Show?
a) Kempker
b) Pfeiffer
c) Miller
d) HJ
Answer: a) Kempker. Congratulations to Addison Shade for winning this questions!

Which of the following is NOT an essential macromineral for goats?
a)    Sodium
b)    Potassium
c)    Calcium
d)    Flouride
Answer: d) Flouride. Congratulations to our winner, Dayton Mortvedt!

 Who will be judging the 2021 Aksarben Market Goat Show?
a) Spencer Scotten
b) Skyler Scotten
c) Steve Sturtz
d) Scott Greiner
Answer: b) Skyler Scotten. Congratulations to our winner, Brandon Morgan!

Who bred the Grand Champion Market Goat at the Indiana State Fair?
a) Stork
b) Blue Team
c) Miller
d) HJ
Answer: d) HJ. Congratulations to our winner, Jamie Martin!

Where is vitamin D stored in the body?
a) Fatty Tissues
b) Liver
c) Gallbladder
d) Bones
Answer: b) Liver. Congratulations to our winner, Laurie Millard!

Who will be judging the Iowa State Fair 4-H and FFA Goat Shows?
a) Spencer Scotten
b) Skyler Scott
c) Steve Sturtz
d) Scott Greiner
Answer: c) Steve Sturtz. Congratulations to our winner Madison Banbury!

What is the annual consumption of goat meat in the US?
a) 1.5 million head
b) 1 million head
c) 2 million head
d) 750,000 head
Answer: a) 1.5 million head. Congratulations to our winner, Abby Marion!

Who bred the Grand Champion Market Goat in 3 of the 4 shows in Flier, Idaho?
a) Blue Team
b) Bounds
c) Miller
d) Foley
Answer: d) Foley. Congratulations to Paisley Beshear!

Who was the breeder of the sire featured in our latest Buck Buzz?
a) Droppert
b) Halfmann
c) Jade
d) Stork
Answer: b) Halfmann. Congratulations to Paige Harder!

Name the Sire of the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2021 Houston Livestock Show.
a) Soldier Boy
b) Fabio
c) Solid Gold
d) That’s What She Said
Answer: B) Fabio. Congratulations to our winner Hadley Bell!

Who bred the Champion Market Goat at the 2021 Oklahoma Youth Expo?
a) Pfeiffer
b) Blue Team
c) Miller
d) Schneberger
Answer: d) Schneberger. Congratulation Jaelyn Sewell!

Who bred the Grand Market Goat at the Main Event Showback?
a) North Star
b) 5 Star
c) Riverbend
d) Northern Exposure
Answer: c) Riverbend. Congratulations to our winner, Heather Burke!

What is goat meat called?
a) Mutton
b) Venison
c) Veal
d) Chevon
Answer: d) Chevon. Congratulation to Brenna Lake for answering correctly and winning some gear!

Who bred the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2021 San Angelo Stock Show?
a) BMK
b) Stork
c) Blue Team
d) Mock
Answer: c) Blue Team. Congratulation to the winner of this question, Madison Frey!

What term describes a goat giving birth?
a) Kidding
b) Goating
c) Labor
d) Freshening
Answer: a) Kidding. Congratulations to Phoebe Stutzman!

How many teeth does a mature doe have?
a) 30
b) 28
c) 34
d) 32
Answer: d) 32. Congratulations to our winner, Jenna Bradley!

What showman took home 3 of the top 5 at the Pennsylvania Youth Livestock Show?
a) Alexa Miles
b) Rene Svonavec
c) Kenzie Stadtmiller
d) Olivia Arnold
Answer: A) Alexa Miles – Congratulation to Jackson Kelly for winning this question!

Which state leads the nation in the number of meat goats?
a) California
b) Texas
c) Oklahoma
d) Tennessee
Answer: B) Texas. Congratulations to our winner, Macy Rosselle!

What breeder doubled up in Louisville breeding both the Grand Market Wether & the Grand Wether Doe?
a) Blue Team
b) Miller
c) BMK
d) Pfeiffer
Answer: d) Pfeiffer. Congratulations to Luke Black for winning this trivia question!

Who was the showman of the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2019 NAILE?
a) Jada Shroyer
b) Kaylie Stone
c) Hayden Schroder
d) Cody Sells
Answer: c) Hayden Schroder. Congratulations to our winner, Madison Fea!

Who will be sorting the Market Goats at the 2020 North American International Livestock Exposition?
A) Scott Greiner
B) Jeff Ripley
C) Spencer Scotten
D) Catherine Riley
Answer: A) Scott Greiner. Congrats to our latest winner, Jamie Smith!

What breeder raised the Grand, Reserve & 3rd Overall at 2019 American Royal?
a) Miller
b) Pfeiffer
c) Hummel
d) Blue Team
Answer: D) Blue Team. Congrats to our winer, Theron Henderson!

Who double dipped in Tulsa taking home both Grand Champion Market Goat & Grand Champion Breeding doe honors?
a) Sayde Allen
b) Kenna Gay
c) Kaitlyn Bean
d) Jaycee Watkins
Answer: B) Kenna Gay. Congratulation to our winner, Jarrett Baldwin!

Who exhibited the Grand Champion Market Goat at the 2020 Kentucky State Fair?
a) Avery Holman
b) Chance Flach
c) Izzy Godman
d) Madison Goecke
Answer: d) Madison Goecke. Congrats to our winner Bailee Amstutz!

What is the proper cooking temperature for goat meat?
A. 100 degrees Fahrenheit
B. 145 degrees Fahrenheit
C. 175 degrees Fahrenheit
D. 160 degrees Fahrenheit
Answer: D. 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Congratulations to our winner, Gracie Lee!

Who bred the Grand Market Goat at Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri FFA and the Iowa FFA Show?
a) Hummel
b) Miller
c) Blue Team
d) Pfeiffer
Answer: b) Miller. Congratulations to Reagan Thurman!

What breeder bred the grand market and breeding doe in the main event showback?
a) Alden
b) Miller
c) Goretska
d) CSF
Answer: a) Alden. Congrats to Troy Goretska for winning this trivia question!

Who was the latest showman featured in our exhibitor spotlight?
a) Aspen Martin
b) Kenna Gay
c) Kaitlyn Bean
d) Cody Sells
Answer: b) Kenna Gay. Congratulations to Kate Fulton for being our trivia winner!

Which breeder had two in the top 5 in both The Essential Jackpot AND the Moorman’s Showtec Virtual Classic Market Goat Shows?
a) Brillhart
b) Hutto
c) Miller
d) Pfeiffer
Answer: Miller. Congratulations to our winner, Katie Eisenhauer!

This breeder had two in the Top 5 of the Market Goats in THE AMERICAN (Hint, look on our results page)!!
A. Went
B. Miller
C. Ross
D. Pfeiffer
Answer: B. Miller. Congrats to this week’s winner Kyanna Lankton!

The judge for THE AMERICAN Goat Show is: (Hint, look on our homepage)!
A. Scott Greiner
B. Mark Hoge
C. Spencer Scotten
D. Brent Jennings
Answer: Brent Jennings. Congrats to trivia winner Alma Santiago of Oklahoma!

This buck was the first to be featured in our new section “BUCK BUZZ” on (Hint – Go check him out in our Buck Buzz section!)
A. Colt 45
B. Uno
C. Forgetten Note
D. Broken Promise
Answer: Broken Promise – Owned by Fisher! Congrats to trivia winner Andy Kennedy of Ohio!

Where did Boer Goats originate?
A. England
B. South Africa
C. Australia
D. United States
Answer: South Africa – Congrats to Carla Edelman of Iowa for winning this week’s trivia! Thanks to Next Level Livestock Camps for their help with this round of trivia!

Name the Sire of the Grand Champion Breeding Doe at the 2020 Oklahoma Youth Expo
A. Walk the Line
B. X-Rated
C. Fabio
D. Colt 45
Answer: X-Rated. Congratulations to this week’s winner: Cody Bell.

This product is used as a “Daily Go To” that promotes growth, conditions the hair, and gives extra pop. Hint: It’s named after the color of the product. Hint Hint: You’ll find them in our Product Directory.
A. Pink Shimmer
B. Red Out
C. The Green Stuff
D. Snow White
Answer: The Green Stuff. Find The Green Stuff in our products directory to learn more. Congratulations to this week’s winner: Emily Overs.

What is the average temperature range of a goat?
A. 90-92.5 degrees Fahrenheit
B. 97-99.5 degrees Fahrenheit
C. 101.7-104.5 degrees Fahrenheit
D. 106.5-109.7 degrees Fahrenheit
Answer: 101.7-104.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This week’s trivia winner is: Anna Vetter.

What breeder claimed both Grand and Reserve honors in last week’s OYE Breeding Doe Show as well as Grand Wether Dam Breeding Doe?
A. Stultz
B. Hutto
C. Stork
D. Pfeiffer
Answer: Pfeiffer. Check them out in our breeder’s directory! Congratulations to last weeks trivia winner – Vicki Vining.

What city is Oklahoma Youth Expo held in?
A. Lawton
B. Oklahoma City
C. Tulsa
D. Duncan
Answer – Oklahoma City. Congrats to last week’s trivia winner – Todd Kennedy

This year’s market goat judge at Houston is…
A. Mark Hoge
B. Kurt Henry
C. Spencer Scotten
D. Scott Greiner
Answer: Scott Greiner.
Congratulations to this weeks trivia winner, Tahra Bedwell!

Which breeder recently raised the Grand Market Goat at the 2020 Western Bonanza both days? (Hint: Check our show results page)
A. Blue Team
B. Harbour
C. Jade
D. Walker
Answer: Blue Team Wethers
Congratulations to Kaylie Stone, who was this weeks trivia winner!

What is the gestation length of a goat?
A. 150 days
B. 90 days
C. 125 days
D. 165 days
Answer: 150 Days.
Congratulations to Emily Luthringer, who was this week’s trivia winner!

Name the Sire of the Fort Worth Grand Champion Market Goat!
Answer: She Said Next
Congratulations to last week’s winner – Darbie Ross!

What live sale is taking place March 21, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa and features a sale with a showback? (Hint: Look up! It’s one of our banner advertisers!)
A) Main Event Show & Sale
B) Premier Boer Goat Sale
C) Dynamic Does
D)Grand Drive Sale
Answer: The Main Event Show & Sale
Congratulations to last week’s winner – Cooper Bounds!

Who was the breeder of the Grand Champion Wether Doe at this Year’s National Western? (Hint: Check out our results page or our breeder’s directory)
A) Stork
B) Blue Team
C) Harbour
D) Fledderjohann
Answer: Harbour
Congratulations to last week’s winner – Ava Shroyer!

The Sioux Empire Livestock Show is held in what state?
A) Iowa
B) Nebraska
C) South Dakota
D) North Dakota
Answer: C – South Dakota
Congratulations to last week’s winner – Riley Beaver!

Which showman exhibited back to back Grand Champions at the National Western?
A) Aspen Martin
B) Ava Shroyer
C) Jaylin Smith
D) Paige Pence
Answer: A – Aspen Martin
Congratulations to last week’s winner – Shandi Treadwell!