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Connor Brew

Spencer Scotten

We caught up with California State Fair Judge, Connor Brew, to ask him a few questions before he steps “INSIDE THE RING”!

What are you looking forward to the most while judging the show?
I’ve always held California to a high standard on the goat side of things. I value the extra steps everyone goes through with presentation and showmanship. It also seems that goat classes end up being very deep!

Who is one judge that left an impact on you? How did they do that?
Brent Jennings! I watched him for the very first time at the Indiana State Fair. I was blown away by his ability to line livestock up, but it was his humbleness and honesty that has always stuck with me.

What is one thing you stressed about as an exhibitor that didn’t matter?
I always stressed making sure legs were set perfectly square. It is important, but there is a time in the ring where instead of fighting legs, you need to just get a good brace and go from there!

Funnel Cake or Elephant Ear
Elephant Ear

Corn Dog or Roasted Corn
Corn Dog