Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Pfeiffer Farms


Grand Champion Market Goat – 2023 Georgia National Fair
Shown by Levi Roberts – Bred by Pfeiffer Farms

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
Hidden Treasure X Jager

How many years have you been raising Goats?
We’ve been raising goats since 2005.

How many head do you run?
We run somewhere around 1,700 goats, 500 sheep, and 300 cows

How has the new reproduction practices impacted your herd?
Many new breeding techniques have definitely improved our program, making it easier to get the better bucks bred to the best does.

What buck or Doe has been most influential to your herd?
Hard question, but I would have to say Colt, Grey Goose, and Juice have been the most influential to our program.

Who has impacted you on your operation the most?
Glen Martin.