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Newsom-Ripley Show Goats


Grand Champion Market Goat – 2021 Louisiana State Fair
Shown by Lance Fontenot – Bred by Newsom-Ripley Show Goats

Pocket Change (5814) x 75G51 LaCopa

This wether sold as Lot #1 at the Big Guns Sale #1 in Brownwood Texas

How did you get involved in the industry?
Our two families have thirty plus years involved in showing and raising competitive livestock in Texas. Most of that has been raising club lambs but we have moved our interest over to the goat industry and it has been a good fit for our entire team. Both Tina and Carla have a true passion for the goat industry and Jeff and Kevin have focused there energy in the same direction. It is our goal to reach as many families as we can who are interested in our goats and our guidance with their projects. The relationships we build with our customers (family) is the most rewarding part of the business no doubt.

What is one of the most memorable events from your time as a breeder?
It is the gratification of seeing one of those that came out of your lambing or kidding barn make the Backdrop! Sometimes that is a first for a kid at his county show and other times it is on the big stage at a state or national level. There is nothing more gratifying or enjoyable!

What do you think has pushed your program forward over the years?
Our focus is on building this operation with the best genetics available and being diligent in reaching our goals. We have not held back in our flush, IVF or AI programs and already have over 200 head of does and recips carrying embryos to some of the best bucks in the country for our 2022 kid crop. We will kid out 300 does and another 100 recips carrying our IVF and flush babies. We have also tried to purchase the some of the very best bucks and does from the top breeders in this industry and we are looking forward to the impact they will have on our herd.
We like being the new guys out here and just want to make sure we build a genetic base that will allow all of those who believe in our program the ability to compete at any level in this industry. We have a true passion for this industry and that is the driving force pushing us forward.

What is your favorite part about raising goats? 
For Jeff and Tina it may be more on the breeding and kidding as well as the genetic lines of our flock. On our side, Carla and I love promoting the sales and dealing with the customers as well as studying and placing those goats in good homes. Both families enjoy watching one we thought was good from day one turn out and win. We get along well and have common goals as priority.