Allen Newcomb Show Lambs & Treadmills

Blue Team Wethers

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat – 2023 Arizona National
Shown by Brisco Black – Bred by Blue Team

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat – 2024 San Antonio Stock Show
Shown by Brisco Black – Bred by Blue Team

What’s the pedigree of your champion?
Reserve Grand Champion Arizona National:
Good As Gold X Who’s Your Daddy X Soldier Boy

Reserve Grand Champion San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo:
Russian Princess X P67 X Knock Out
He was the flushmate brother to our new herd sires Thunder and Lightening. His dam was a Division Champion at the 2021 NAILE shown by Paige Pence.

What was this goat like as a baby?
Both of these wethers were very complete, good on their feet and legs and were definite stand outs in their sale groups.

Who’s been the most influential buck or Doe to your herd?
We have SO many bucks and does that we truly love and appreciate their influences on our goat herd.  We try to keep multiple genetic bloodlines to create our own outcrosses within our program.
Some of the bucks would include: Star Buck, Who’s Your Daddy, Soldier Boy, and several of our current sires like Russian Princess, Moose, I am Legend and Drago!

Has there been anything about your operation that is unique that you haven’t seen in other places?
We love our kidding room and working facilities. We feel that these facilities are unique to our operation.  Our kidding room is set up on a grate floor and flush system like you would see in large hog operations and our working chute is one that was designed and used in large commercial sheep operations in Australia.

Do you prefer Online or live Sales?
We actually really like and use both platforms almost equally.  They each serve a very unique purpose and help us serve customers from local to all over the United States.

Who has influenced you the most in the industry?
We have been blessed to have had many mentors not only from within the goat industry, but from all of the different livestock industries.  Learning from and appreciating successful people no matter what species they raise is something that we have done for a long time.  We admire those who have had success and longevity within their specific species, within an ever changing industry!